We are a group of passionate yet concerned volunteers from across the globe who noticed that there are many people who, like us, care deeply about our planet and want to help mitigate the effects of climate change, but don’t know what to do or where to start.

We want to solve that problem.

Anisha Desai

San Francisco, CA

Ardi Bello

Lead Engineer
Hamburg, Germany

Eva Illescas

Lead Product Designer
Los Angeles, CA

Lucía Russo Staffa

UX Designer
United Kingdom

Sanjana Ramana

UX Designer
San Francisco, CA

Anna Paukova

Lead UX Researcher
Philadelphia, PA

Brett Duboff

UX Researcher
Boston, MA

Hala Shiblaq

Brand & Content
Columbus, OH

Saloni Khushal

Social Media Marketing
Kansas City, MO

Elliott Gluck

San Diego, CA

Teesa Bahana

Content Developer
Kampala, Uganda

Parsa Barhaghi

Content Developer
Los Angeles, CA

Content Advisory Board

We take our role as an information provider seriously. In ensuring Planet Possible content is transparent, accurate, and influencing the right action, we’ve developed an advisory board that reviews and vets all of our content. These experts are leaders and climate scientists who decide and prioritize content that matches our goal of reducing emissions by 2030.


Shannon Hoffman

PhD, Chemical and Biological Engineering


Minda Montegudo

PhD, Ocean Science & Engineering

John Foye headshot (1)

John Faye

CEO of The Working Trees

Our Methodology

Aligning with the Drawdown Framework, Planet Possible provides actions that address one or both key components of climate action: reducing sources of emissions and protecting vital carbon sinks.

Planet Possible identifies and sources actions against the highest impact categories within both pillars. Whether you are looking to learn more about a topic, take action by making changes to your lifestyle, or advocate for systemic change across institutions, governments, and corporations, Planet Possible aims to meet you where you’d like to start.

To learn more about our content methodology and sourcing process, download our methodology document.